Friday, 17 September 2010

You say Geranium, I say Pelargonium, and I'm right

Thought I'd start with some of my own photos today and show you how some of my babies are coming along, starting with the random assortment of species Pelargoniums from South Africa, the first two of which I pricked out today, putting them straight into the humid cloche as they'd come from a sealed unit.

A pelargonium (copyright Chris Mackay)

And the Gallery Dwarf Lupin hybrids are tanking along, which is gratifying with the winter approaching

Dwarf Lupin showing true leaf (copyright Chris Mackay)

The yellow sweet pea Lathyrus chloranthus, has also made a great start with eight of about 12 seeds up and a few big enough to prick out

Already you can see it's leguminous (C. Chris Mackay)
Elsewhere the bulb frame, filled largely with arildbred Irises (that's the common bearded ones interbred with the really funky ones from the Caucasus in the difficult Oncocyclus and Regalia groups. There's also a couple of the easier Junos in there, aucheri and magnifica.
They look scabby but they spend winter dormant and any water
on them now could be disatrous, allowing rot and fungi to get in

Cuttings of some of this year's simpler successes, especially Salvia patens and some of the pelargoniums and penstemons look to be doing well in the propagator, with one rooting early and zooming away

Erm, anything else? Oh yeah, the mixed candelabra Primula species look like they're starting to germinate although I won't know what's what until they bloom (and even then it's not that simple). I can see two...

The Dianthus knappii and Digitalis ferruginea var. gigantea could teach them a thing or two...

So that's about it for the moment, doubtless more rambling shite tomorrow

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