Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hello and welcome to my own little world of plants

I'll be using this blog to ramble excitedly about my botanical exploits: what I'm growing, what I'm sowing and what I'm blowing.

Today I sowed seeds of Tulipa turkestana, Fritillaria meleagris, Iris douglasiana hybrids, Verbascum phoeniceum mixed hybrids and Lilium canadense.

About 100 Dianthus knappii have burst through in literally three days, as have Digitalis ferruginea gigantea, and I've managed to root 2 of 4 cuttings of Dahlia Bishop of Landaff. Although they are covered in mildew (as is the poor parent plant) I blasted them with naughty chemicals so hopefully they'll make it. No idea how to get them through the winter, there's no time for them to grow a tuber surely? Just have to wait and see.

Also ordered four Rhododendron species from Chilterns Seeds and a yellow form of digitalis, since ferruginea was such a piece of piss.

Oh, and every dwarf mixed Lupin hybrid has germinated with two huge leathery cotyledons, desperately resisting the temptation to prick out until true leaves appear. Will post some pics tomorrow, if I can work out how to do that...

Oh, and I don't have a garden, just a tiny roof terrrace so f*ck knows where I'm going to put all this.

Actually, I'm going to try posting a picture of something now. Here's a Salvia patens to be going on with. More incredibly esoteric botanical ramblings tomorrow...


  1. Well if you have any spares you want to give to a good home - we're here - happy to split costs on collections. This blog is a brilliant idea btw - will tune in regularly.

  2. ps might also be inspired to get back to my long neglected blog!

  3. I'm gonna have spares by the ton! fortunately a friend has offered an area of her allotment for bringing on things like lilies and irises as I want to select the best forms before I give the rest away!