Monday, 13 September 2010

Stop, oh yes, wait a minute Mr Postman

It's always fun to get parcels in the post because if you're me it's either a rare record or some plants or seeds. It's even better when you can't remember ordering them, although the contents, Iris magnifica, Fritillaria elwesii and Crocus "Remembrance" are exactly the sort of thing I would order.  Hopefully one day they will look like this (apologies to copyright holders)

F. elwesii



I. magnifica
I must have had a plan for the crocuses but I can't remember what and I've already used the wide, flat clay pot to sow Antirrinum "Peaches and Cream" underplanted with the Brown and yellow Dutch Iris hybrid "Eye of the Tiger".

In the meantime, the Lathyrus chloranthus have started to pop through all over the place, well, about five of them, and I've hacked Dahlia "Bishop of Lanaff back to a few non-mildewed leaves.

Trust me, there are about five seedlings in here

The Bish after his haircut looking a lot healthier

The mixed pelargonium species are beginning to go for it now, with at least two showing true leaves, see above, which is more than can be said for the mixed candelabra primula species, which have so far managed to produce one seedling (and I think that might be a weed). What d'you think?

Is is a weed, it is a Primula bulleyanna, beesiana, purpurea, helodoxa etc?
And if you've had enough of seeds, there are always cuttings to fail with too...

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