Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A load of pricks

Decided to hobble up to the garden centre, briefly considered staying on the bus till it got to Homerton hospital but the thrill of buying vermiculite was just too tempting. Also stocked up on compost (peat free, natch) and gravel to pot up the Frits and Iris magnifica. Accidentally bought some F. Michailovskyi (is that right?), Calochortus "Cupido" and Crocus sativus, so we will have our own supply of saffron, probably enough for an egg cup of risotto!

Having lugged that all back and potted them up in the more realistically priced clay pots they sell I gave in to temptation and pricked out the lupins. And I'm glad I did because some had a tap root four inches long! Squeezed them in to 3.5in pots and watered them in just as the heavens opened. Still waiting for my order from Glendoick, where I worked briefly in 1991, if only to see what I ordered. At least two Rhodies and some other Himalayan shit. That's got to be it for this year, apart from the last seed order from Chilterns.

Oh, and the antirhinum Peaches and Cream are suddenly making a bid for the light, so that poncey little plan with the underplanted Dutch irises might still be on. We shall see. Now start clicking on the ads, I get paid when you do!

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