Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Czechs in the post. As is the Uzbek, Turk, north Amercan...

Today I decided to do an inventory to see what I'm still waiting for orderwise.  

This was prompted by an order from Paul Christian, sent to me on October 20 but yet to arrive, which has one of those useless tracking numbers that only work when the item has been delivered, ie, when it is no longer any use. And the value of  the order is £48, £7 more than the PO's insurance, not to mention the fact that even if they turn up they will all be dead. This is annoying as these are plants I really want!

Iris Orchiodes dwarf form

Iris Stolonifera
Fritillaria bucharica, from the Bukhara (somethimes spelled Bokhara) region of Uzbekistan
Notholirion bulbiferum, which I used to grow in the open ground with similar results, despite it being a heavy clay broken up with the surprisingly successful compost we made from prunings/grass etc. Oh the image is copyright Paul Christian but they're in no position to complain!
The second order I placed with them (having forgotten about the first, was the one that came the other day with the Iris Svetlanae,  Frits and Notholirion thomsonianum.

Now, I'm currently waiting for TWO orders from Buckland Plants, who have a phone but no-one to answer it during the day. One order was PLACED IN AUGUST. It turns out it was lost when they switched websites or ordering systems or something but the gentleman with whom I spoke was very nice and promised to get it off on Monday, while managing to sell me Liliums medeliodes and volmeri. He did promise to tuck a little something extra in by way of apology so what was about the be a vicious character assassination of the people behind Buckland Plants now becomes a cosy love-in. Although annoyingly the only plant on the original list they might not have is Lilium lankongense, the one I really wanted!

While the individual blooms are stunning, it's the way they are held on the stem that I love. Sadly I can't find any images by anyone I'm owed a favour by so but this one from The Scottish Rock Garden Club hints at it. Join their site btw, it's packed pull of information you don't need to be Scottish to find useful (I'm lucky enough to have an English Rooftop and a Scottish Garden
Nomocharis Mairei is extremely variable in its marking, making for a taxonomist's nightmare. In fact they all are. What's a hybrid and what's a species? No one really knows ©  SRGC

Already got this one but there's safety in numbers, Fritillari camschatcensis
Helleborus "White Spotted"  © 

Corydalis flexuosa. Perfect for Tayside. Useless for a baking roof in London! ©  MACGARDENS
So, that's what I've got to look foward to next week.

I am also awaiting a collection of 5 x 5 Giant Asiatic Lily hybrids from Van Meuwen, the planters for which I bought weeks ago! And these beauties...

Lilium Triumphator

Robert swanson

L, lancifolium florepleno

Lilies Triumphator, Robert Swanson and Flore Pleno have yet to arrive from J. Parker which was worrying as all the other bits of the order (including the 25 free mixed Narcissus that I can find no use for) but they were quick off the mark with an email to say they are just getting the Lily orders in now and they would be marking my order as urgent, so 5 stars there too.

I'm also waiting for a load of Frits from someone and Pelargoniums too which I only ordered after the revelation of my visit to the hothouse at Kew. They will handily solve the problem of what to do with the . And these are only the one I can find the email receipts for.

Oh no, here's another (in this order) : Lilium tenuifoliumIris suaveolens, Nomocharis hybrids and Rhododendron radicans which will be coming from Potterton and Martin in mid-January

Take your pick!...

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  1. This is why I tend to avoid mail order in all forms of life!
    Burncoose made a cock up with an order earlier this year, but bless 'em, all it took was one e-mail and it was sorted!
    So I now have three Sollya heterophylla (see it here.....