Sunday, 5 December 2010

Shopping around. And around. And around

Well, I can't remember which of you told me eBay was a good place to pick up bargains but I wish you hadn't! It's a good place for any normal person to pick up bargains but for those with an addictive personality, it can prove very expensive indeed!

That said, I've picked up a lot of seed and bulbs that I would never have got anywhere else, including two honorary Irises, Dietes iridiodes and Belamcamda chinesnsis.

You can see where it got the name from, it must be a couple of strands of DNA from being the real deal

I've also been able to try things I would never have thought to touch before such as the dozen or so South African plants I went through a few posts ago. The seed has arrived, leaving me with the conundrum of what to do with it. I think I'll have to exercise self-control and wait until late spring before sowing them, it's not like they're going to flower next year anyway. The delivery also contained some very odd (but gratefully received) free seeds such as Okra and Capsicums! I really want to get the Gladioli going but in the meantime I have bulbs of G. communis ssp byzantinus planted up along with three other genus which are living at the bottom of the stairs: a genius solution to space/domestic harmony issues. It's not heated down there but it's indoors and it's a good deal warmer than outside or the (already full to bursting) bulb frame or polyframe. I had never heard of Dichelostemma ida-maia but it's gorgeous! Also down there is an Oxalis deppei I won by accident and Calochortus venustus, a pretty little thing.

Gladiolus byzantinus naturalised, not imprisoned in a pot like mine!
Dichelostemma  ida-maia: What a remarkable and stunning plant! And  I've got one! In fact I've got ten!
An Oxalis. Actually, it's quite nice really
Calochortus venusta. Not bad for less than £2 for 10
I can't remeber if I told you about the red Delphinium seed? Well, I've got some red Delphinium seed. I think I can safely sow that in Feb/March.

I went a bit mad yesterday in my pursuit of Lilies and ended up paying well over the odds for Hansonii x 3, Pumilum x 4, Henryii x1, Superbum, Oxypetalum insigne x 3 (£21!).

L. hansonii
L. pumilum (I'm really glad I won this one, I love it's vivid waxy blooms)
L. Henryii
L superbum
The dainty and very expensive (but worth it) L. oxypetalum insigne

In the meantime, there has been a steady flow of packages arriving (just as well I'm only working three days a week at the moment or I'd spend my life in the Post Office depot surrounded by staff, no not surrounded, separated by a glass wall from a maximum of two members of staff who radiate unhelpfulness. None of these cost more then £2.50 (until we get to the two bulbs at the end!).

A couple of Rhodys: "Ginny Gee" and williamsianum:

A very nice specimen of Williamsianum (above) below, Ginny Gee, which the late great Euan Cox considered the finest dwarf Rhododendron hybrid ever bred. And I don't think it's even once of his!

R. Williamsianum

Primula secundiflora (secund means held to one side. The flowers that is. That's some below.

Polyanthus "Paris 90"

Penstemon "Windor Red"

Alstromeria psittacina variegata (below in flower. Nice!)

Pelargonium dichondrifolium. A little bit feeble looking  but the lovely vendor, wyll-o-wytch, added this for nothing;

Pelargonium "Lady Plymouth", which is scented of something although I'm not sure what, and will look like this:

Digitalis "Pam's Choice"

Primula chionantha

Primula waltonii

Corydalis flexuosa "Blue Dragon"

Phyteuma scheuchzeri

Clematis Napaulensis (see last post)

Narcissus humilis

Iris dandordiae just poking through yesterday
Iris Zenaidae (in flower below)

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